It says, "What will you do when the world stops turning, the deserts are flooded and the oceans are burning? What will you do when the sun starts to bleed, the sky goes to sleep with the oxygen we breathe?" "How will you live in a world of saran, where food in the sea is the plastic from man? What will you do when no fish swim in schools, but ride in short buses and drown in your jewels?" "How will you breathe when all the woods become roads, when steal beams replace trees, where will CO2 go? What will you do when the bees lose their sting and birds forget all the songs that they sing?" "You look at your clocks for all the wrong reasons. The time is now or you'll keep changing the seasons! You'll begin to suffocate from your power lines, while invisible chemicals leach into your minds! If you keep it up they will choke on your trash, like hurtful words you can never take back! You've got to save your Mother! Follow the 'GoldenRule'. Take care of the world, and she'll take care of you!"