:D another..long..RP oh wel ^.^ im bored anyway ^.^ Kiba- is she laughing? Crystle- AHAHAHA! A dog?! thats priceless! Gaara- *sweatdrop* maybe this is a little to much... Iruka- heh heh come here little children, i have candy! Sasuke *mad face* fear, your doom! Steve- (:P yes steve!) *grins* i will give Stone Lee a vampire kiss tonight! and she will love it Stone Lee- EH HEE HEE! ok i'm not very good at this ._. oh well *smiles* Kakashi- UHHH! -.- thats all i get to say? Shikamaru- -.- this isn't fair, this was Crystle's idea. Hinata- Ohh i feel pretty ^.^ Rock Lee- *cracks whip* I am Indiana Jones! all foul beasts will fall before me! Yosh! thats a good line