LOL school of ninja's ok this is goign to be a LONG RP Pein- *signs* you all are losers* Gina- *hids face* i just embarrassed myself again Itachi- hehe my next evil plan, to destroy Konaha! right after football! Kisame- Please don't fall please don't fall! Deidara- Shut up tobi! *shoves tobi off bench Tobi- Ahh Deidara-sempi! Orochimaru(just pretend its him k?)- HEH i'm so evil! Sasuke- i hate you Orochimaru! you'll pay for this! TenTen- Aww Sasuke! thats sooo heroic!!! Stone Lee- Steve!!! i told you were NOT dating!! *holds up fist* Shino- why is everyone makign such a fuss? can't they all just sit still Sasori- Hmm *folds arms and looks back at Deidara* He actually looks mad for once Rock Lee- Yosh! i will pose good in this picture so that Stone Lee will think i look cute in the Yearbook *thumbs up* Gaara- Did...Did he just eat my cookie? *death glares at choji* Choji- *chomps* MMM sweet flavor!! Steve(ya i know its naruto, but PRETEND its steve :P- Heh heh, Stone Lee put the fist down, we can talk about this! Kiba- Oh gosh *looks up* i wish akamaru was here Neji- *epic fail* Rock Lee is being irrational and TenTen is goign after Sasuke, *sigh* why am i with the lessers? Temari- Hmm i wonder how fast Shikamaru will wake up if i pour cold water on him :3 Shikamaru- ZZZZZZZZZ Ino- He's so lame! falling asleep on the sign! psh Konkuro- *points at camera* You're next! Hinata- *blushes madly* w-w-w-who is this person next to me? S-Steve looks R-Really happy